The Complete Cloud Solution for Unity


☁️EzCloud will simplify the implementation of Firebase to your project and save you hundreds of hours to focus on developing your game. Sign in users using multiple methods, Cloud Save/Load, Storage, … can never be simpler. Power up your project today!


EzCloud is an API wrapper for Firebase Unity SDKs and more! It brings Firebase to Unity WebGL!

Visual Scripting

🎨 You can implement Firebase to your project without knowing how to code!

More than 60 Playmaker Actions cover every aspect of Firebase.

*Playmaker must be purchased separately.

Unified API

📙 Unified, intuitive, and flexible API for both beginners and pros. Just code once and deploy your project on multiple platforms!


📄Comprehensively documented. With XML documentation comments and IntelliSense, you can comfortably continue writing your code without opening reference in Web browser .

Editor & Tools

🛠️ Simple and friendly Editor

🔧 Useful tools: Onscreen debugging, WebGL file picker

Easy Firebase