Support: Mobile and Desktop

Only Pro version has EzLinks

using XG.EzCloud; //add this directive to import types from EzCloud namespace

🚩 Create Dynamic Links

Creating a long Dynamic Link from parameters.

var components = EzLinks.CreateComponents(baseLink, uriPrefix, googleAnalyticsParameters, iTunesConnectAnalyticsParameters, androidParameters, iOSParameters, socialMetaTagParameters);

Create the short dynamic link

EzLinks.ShortenLink(components, callback, fallback, dynamicLinkPathLength);

var shortenLink = await EzLinks.ShortenLink(components, fallback, dynamicLinkPathLength);

📄 Playmaker reference

🚩 Receive Dynamic Links

EzLinks.OnDynamicLinksReceived(subscribe, eventArgs);

📄 Playmaker reference