Support: Mobile and WebGL

Only Pro version has EzMessaging

using XG.EzCloud; //add this directive to import types from EzCloud namespace

Set up client

  • Get the token

Mobile and Desktop

EzMessage.GetToken(subscribe, onTokenReceived);

On WebGL

EzMessage.GetToken(vapidKey, onTokenReceived, fallback, objectName);

📄 Playmaker reference

  • Subscribe to topics

EzMessage.SubscribeTopic(subscribe, topic);

📄 Playmaker reference

💡 WebGL Hosting

You cannot subscribe directly to topics from client apps but you can send registration tokens from client apps to your server (using Realtime database or Firestore). Then manage the subscription using Firebase Admin SDK.

Receive messages

Mobile and Desktop

EzMessage.OnMessageReceived(subscribe, onMessageReceived)


EzMessage.OnMessageReceived(subscribe, onMessageReceived, fallback, objectName)

📄 Playmaker reference